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Well Child Visits

Well Child Visits in Port Deposit MD
Well Child Visits

The number one goal of parents is to make sure their little ones are healthy and have the best quality of life possible. Of course, this means having a pediatrician to whom you can always turn, whether for preventive care or treatment when health problems arise. You want a pediatrician you can trust to always provide quality and individualized care for your little one time and time again.

Of course, why treat a health issue that could easily have been prevented in the first place? The best way to detect problems early on and to also protect your child from a variety of potentially serious health issues is by bringing them to Sanchez Pediatrics for Well Child Visits regularly. These checkups will occur frequently, particularly for the first few years of your little one’s life. This is because your child is reaching a lot of developmental milestones during these first few years, and it’s important that you have a children’s doctor who can make sure that they are reaching these milestones.

Plus, these checkups are important for parents. After all, we know that parents have a lot of questions regarding everything from their child’s nutrition to activity levels to vaccinations. While these checkups are most certainly about making sure your child is leading a healthy life, it’s also important that you have all of your questions and concerns answered to promote a healthy lifestyle for your child. Make sure to write down any questions ahead of time so that you will have all of your questions addressed during your child’s next visit.


Well Child Visits are crucial for preventing a variety of health problems and also making sure your little one gets the care and treatment they need should an issue arise. During these wellness checkups, your pediatrician will monitor your child’s:

  • Height and weight.
  • Heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Vision and hearing.
  • Reflexes and musculoskeletal system.
  • Lungs and heart.

Your child will also have to get a series of immunizations throughout their childhood to protect against serious and potentially life-threatening health problems. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has created a comprehensive vaccination schedule to make sure your child is getting all the immunizations they need.


Once your child is born, it’s important that you bring them in regularly to see their doctor for checkups. After all, preventive medical care is the best way to stave off certain illnesses and injuries. Plus, these checkups also ensure that if there is a health problem present, it’s detected right away when it’s much easier to treat.

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